Post Irma AC Work

The past few weeks following Hurricane Irma have been busy for us. Aside from the normal, day to day repairs, services, and scheduled appointments that keep us hopping throughout the year we have also been facing a large number of calls related to Post Irma AC Work. High water and wind have wreaked havoc on many of our loyal clients HVAC equipment, and we have been extremely busy getting their air conditioners back up and running.

palm tree on park model home after Hurricane Irma

Park model home after Hurricane Irma


Customers in park model homes have really had it tough with post Irma ac work.  90% of park model homes have their ac ducts underneath the flooring, which makes those ducts susceptible to flooding when the water rises.  Even if somehow the ac is running, and blowing air, the fact that the air is entering the home by blowing over pooled water in the ducts (or even simply over damp duct material) means it is picking up moisture (humidity) before it even re-enters the home, which means that it will be difficult if not impossible to achieve the desired level of comfort.

Flooded or damp duct work makes a home nearly impossible to cool

Flooded duct work in park model home


Honest air conditioner repair means putting your clients needs first!

We take great pride in the QUALITY of our work! Too many contractors are in the trade just to make a quick buck, Community Cooling has always been about using knowledge and experience to provide service to our clients at a fair price. That business model has served us and our customers quite well for over 40 years! A substantial portion of our new clients come from previous clients who recommended us. That’s the best kind of marketing there is … word of mouth … friend to friend.

Community Cooling and Heating has been serving Lee County Florida since 1970, and our long standing reputation for honesty and integrity is important to us!

Our well stocked trucks, and well trained air conditioning technicians are always on call when you need air conditioner serve, repairs, or maintenance.

We believe in putting our clients needs first, earning your trust, and making sure we provide a level of service that ensures you will call us again the next time!

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Our Motto is…“We won’t send you a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

just an honest professional”

Call Today For Reliable, Expert Service


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