AC Repairs From Last Summer

AC Repairs From Last Summer


Community Cooling’s summer was chock full of ac repairs.  As many folks in the SW Florida community dealt with the combination of heat, humidity, and unfavorable weather our phones  were quite busy with requests for a wide variety of not only ac repairs, but, we had our normal amounts of maintenance calls and installations as well.

AC repairs are cheaper than ac replacement! Community Cooling works with you to work within your budget.



We have a larger than normal number of calls where we found leaking coils.  It is our opinion that “they just ain’t making em like they used to.”  In an effort to keep their prices down, many ac companies have opted to have their coils made overseas, where the quality of materials used may be suspect.  If the increase in coil repairs is any indicator, that appears to be the case.


Damaged ac coils


Problems with coils almost always means you need refrigerant, and we have seen a lot of those calls as well.


Adding refrigerant to an air conditioner

Any given Summer we seem to see a large number of calls for ac repairs on iced up equipment.  This can be caused by a wide variety of reasons such as poor air flow, low levels of refrigerant, or a combination of weather related/thermostat issues.


iced up air conditioner 33



When you need ac repairs you want a trained technician to show up … NOT A SALESMAN!

Community Cooling new flagship service truck

Community Cooling and Heating has been serving Lee County Florida since 1970, and our long standing reputation for honesty and integrity is important to us!

We believe in putting our clients needs first, earning your trust, and making sure we provide a level of service that ensures you will call us again the next time!

Air Conditioner Compressor Repairs

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Our Motto is…“We won’t send you a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

just an honest professional”

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