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Proper air conditioner maintenance is the best way to keep your  a/c in prime shape for the challenges of a Fort Myers summer!

Summer is hard on Ft Myers air conditioners! To get maximum comfort at minimum overall cost it is recommended to have your a/c unit checked out twice a year, once in the spring before your unit has to work at maximum capacity, and again at the end of the year to accurately assess the toll the long, hard summer has taken on your air conditioning equipment.  Proper air conditioner maintenance includes having a licensed air conditioning contractor to inspect the inside of your hvac equipment.

A dirty, clogged up air handler can cost as much as 70% more to operate than a freshly cleaned air conditioner

A dirty, clogged up air handler can cost as much as 70% more to operate than a freshly cleaned air conditioner

The scenario is much like making preparations for a long road trip. Before the trip you probably would want to check the belts, oil, and tires as well as the overall performance of your engine before taking the trip to avoid any problems when you are depending on your vehicle the most. Conversely when you arrive back home after the trip you would certainly want to have the vehicle checked again to ensure proper operation and safety, and to prevent costly damage and repairs further down the road! The same holds true for your air conditioning equipment! This is the time of year it works the hardest and you depend on it the most. A small problem can turn into a big problem when your a/c unit is not properly serviced and working full time to maintain adequate levels of comfort in your home.

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Community Cooling and Heating is offering a 16 point cooling system check which includes:

Clean your condenser coils. Check operating pressures Check electrical connections Check sub-cooling Check fan blade Lubricate moving parts Clean air filters check thermostat Check blower operation Check controls Check superheat Check temperature drop across evaporator Clean indoor coil if visible Check complete unit operation Treat condesate line and pan Make necessary recommendations

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