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Air conditioner service, repairs, maintenance, and installation is our specialty at Community Cooling.  Founded in 1970 Community Cooling and Heating is a family owned, full service, air conditioning and heating service, repair, maintenance and installation contractor.  Our mission for the past 44 years has been to provide our customers with a level of customer service, value, and honesty that leaves them so satisfied that they cannot help but refer us to others they know that might require our services.  This mindset has put us in a position today where over 80% of our new clients come to us, by way of referral, from our long list of satisfied clients over the span of four decades.

As a relatively small, family owned business we have a distinct advantage over our competitors …

” … our focus is on providing our clients with an end deliverable that serves their needs as well as their budget …

… a larger company with 10 – 20 …  or even more trucks on the road, a sizable warehouse, and extensive operating costs often finds themselves in a position where they MUST sell equipment, whether in the clients best interest or not. They run “a big machine” and it takes a lot of cash flow to keep it moving …

… Community Cooling and Heating, over the years, has managed to keep overhead at a minimum and pass those savings on to our customers.”

Our well stocked trucks, and well trained air conditioning technicians are always on call when you need air conditioner service, repairs, or maintenance.

Our well stocked trucks, and well trained air conditioning technicians are always on call when you need air conditioner serve, repairs, or maintenance.

Air conditioner service Ft Myers can depend on!

We specialize in air conditioner service, repairs, installations, as well as air conditioner maintenance and inspections too.  Community Cooling takes great pride in showing up on time, accurately assessing your air conditioning problem, and providing the consumer with the full range of options available to him … and then letting the customer decide which option makes the most sense to him personally, and fits his family’s budget as well!


Our Motto is…“We won’t send you a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

just an honest professional”

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion!


Whether you are experiencing an air conditioning problem,

or just have a question or two,





Air conditioner service, repairs and maintenance in Ft Myers florida

Kurt Hartmann, Owner/President of Community Cooling and Heating Inc.


Kurt Hartmann


Community Cooling and Heating Inc.


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