Hurricanes Floods Air Conditioners

Hurricanes Floods Air Conditioners

Fort Myers Estero and Bonita Springs air conditioners have seen a lot of moisture lately. In fact Many have been either partially or totally submerged as a result of recent storms. With hurricane Irma bearing down upon us now there is the likelihood for more of this kind of flooding.

After this kind of exposure to the elements it is extremely important to have your air conditioning equipment looked at by a licensed air conditioning contractor.  Exposure to water can knock an air conditioner out of position bending or crimping pipes or other components

Burned wires on compressor terminals

Park Model Homes, mobile homes,  any home that has the ductwork underneath the floor, certainly needs to be checked as that is a prime place for vegetative growth to thrive, go unoticed,  and potentially putting harmful spores into the air.  Air quality is a major concern after hurricanes & floods.  Air conditioners are perfect breeding grounds for many types of vegetative growths, that once they take root in your home, are very difficult to get out, and can often require a licensed mold remediation specialist.
Community Cooling and Heating can inspect your HVAC equipment make sure that it is functioning properly and safely and creating an environment that is safe for you and your family.

Hurricanes, floods, air conditioners combined with high winds and flying debris, can also create electrical hazards as well!

Community Cooling and Heating has been serving Lee County Florida since 1970, and our long standing reputation for honesty and integrity is important to us!

Our well stocked trucks, and well trained air conditioning technicians are always on call when you need air conditioner serve, repairs, or maintenance.

We believe in putting our clients needs first, earning your trust, and making sure we provide a level of service that ensures you will call us again the next time!

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Our Motto is…“We won’t send you a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

just an honest professional”

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