Iced Up Air Conditioners

Iced Up Air Conditioners
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Iced Up Air Conditioners

Iced up air conditioners represent a large portion of the calls for service we recieve over the Summer months.  During the Summer our SW Florida air conditioners are fighting a never ending battle against outright oppressive heat.  If a few small things get out of alignment (such as air flow, refrigerant levels, run time, or humidity) the end result can too often be an iced up air conditioner, and insufficient levels of comfort inside the home or business in question.

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The two main causes of an air conditioner icing up are low levels of coolant, or insufficient air flow.  There are several reasons why these causes can occur, but, basically it usually boils down to the  Joule Thomson Effect.

Frozen over air conditioner

When an air conditioner is running, but, the air it is pushing out is not at the normal flow, or as cool as it should be, there is a good chance your air conditioners icing up. The problem is not going to reverse itself on its own!  It is always worth a try to turn the ac off for a few hours, let the ice melt, and the turn the air conditioner back on and see if the cooling is improved.  While the a/c is off is a good time to check/replace the air filter as insufficient air flow is one of the prime causes of iced up air conditioners.


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