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… in Florida … every homeowner with a heater problem discovers that problem on the same night!

Often time heating service is the farthest thing from your mind until you discover you have a problem.  The first cold night of the year a LOT of people make that same discovery.  Cold weather is making it’s way to Fort Myers, whether this week or next, eventually a cold front will make it this far south and you will depend on your HVAC equipment to maintain the comfort within your home. Heating is an important issue when you’re used to 80 degree + days, and nights that aren’t often much cooler than the low 70’s.  Once accustomed to our subtropical climate we Floridians start to get pretty uncomfortable when the temperature drops to the low 50’s. It’s always a good idea to check your heating system before the weather turns cold.  If there is any problem you can find it, determine the best course of action, and  resolve the issue before you truly need the heat,   I recommend starting your heater with open windows to allow any smell, due to dust on the heater coil, to ventilate.  If all is well, and it usually is, you are ready for winter’s cold fronts and cooler temperatures …  if you find something amiss … call a local Fort Myers air conditioning contractor to repair the problem.  The most common causes of heating problems are …

Thermostat issues
Drafts, caulking, or insulation problems
Problems with restricted air flow
Bad electrical connections
Faulty or burned out coil

The best time for heating service is before you need the heat!

Having served the SW Florida community’s air conditioning needs for over 40 years there isn’t much we haven’t seen or repaired!  We have the experience, the knowledge, and the tools and equipment to satisfy all your heating and cooling expectations.

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